Courtney Bradshaw

placeholder-headshot-390x390My name is Courtney (Rogers) Bradshaw, I am a 1995 graduate of Elwood High School and I currently live in Westfield with my husband and children. I am a licensed dental hygienist by trade, but recently had the opportunity to switch careers and now work for a company called Ninja Zone, which is a thrilling new sport for kids! I am also a certified PiYo and Cize Live Instructor, and teach classes weekly in Westfield.

I have always had a drive in me to be active and fit, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I adopted an entirely new way of thinking about overall health and wellness. I began adopting to the theory that “Strong is the new Skinny”. Before, I had worked out the mind set of ‘getting skinny’ or ‘looking good in a bathing suit’. I was working out for the wrong reasons. One thing I have realized with age, it is not about having a six pack or getting down to a size 4. Working out is about being healthy, feeling strong and feeling the sense of accomplishment. This is the moment that I discovered a new found passion for teaching and encouraging other. I discovered PiYo a few years back and knew that it was a format that I had to share with everyone! LAst summer I decided to try Cize Live and became certified to offer the perfect combination…PiYo for the strength and flexibility, Cize for the cardiovascular and the FUN!